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George (Gregory II) of Cyprus

Author(s) : Katsiampoura Yanna (31/5/2003)
Translation : Panou Eirini

For citation: Katsiampoura Yanna, "George (Gregory II) of Cyprus",
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Γεώργιος (Γρηγόριος Β') Κύπριος (2/4/2009 v.1) George (Gregory II) of Cyprus (6/2/2009 v.1) 




Patriarch of Constantinople and important scholar of the 13th century. He was born in Lapithus of Cyreneia around 1241 and moved to Constantinople after 1261 where he studied under George Acropolites. A few years later, he started teaching and took the patriarchal throne of Constantinople in 1283. As a scholar he belongs to the Palaiologan Renaissance and many works of him survive, such as letters, lives of saints and an autobiography. His work influenced many contemporary and subsequent scholars, such as Theodore Mouzalon, Nikephoros Choumnos, Nikephoros Gregoras and Gennadios Sholarios.

Main Role


Date and Place of Death

1290, Constantinople

Date and Place of Birth

Around 1241, Lapithos, Kyreneia

Other Names

Gregory II of Cyprus, George of Cyprus


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