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Theodore Mangaphas

Author(s) : Vougiouklaki Penelope (10/17/2003)
Translation : Panourgia Klio

For citation: Vougiouklaki Penelope, "Theodore Mangaphas",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Θεόδωρος Μαγκαφάς (2/26/2009 v.1) Theodore Mangaphas (12/15/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table


2nd half of the 12th century: Birth of Theodore Mangaphas

around 1188: Theodore Mangaphas establishes an independent state in the Philadelphia area

summer 1189: Campaign by emperor Isaac II Angelos against Theodore Mangaphas, with whom he reaches a compromise

around 1193: Basil Vatatzes forces Mangaphas to abandon Philadelphia and escape to the sultanate of Ikonion

1195-1196: Invasions by Theodore Mangaphas in Byzantine territories in the Meander valley, Caria and Chonai

1196: The Seljuk sultan hands Mangaphas over to the Byzantines who imprison him

1204: New attempt by Mangaphas to establish and independent state in the Philadelphia area

19 March 1205: Mangaphas is defeated by the forces of Eric of Flandra. His territories are incorporated in the state of Theodore I Lascaris

after 1205: Death of Theodore Mangaphas


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