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Nicaea (Byzantium), Cult of St. Tryphon

Author(s) : Kastrinakis Nikos (6/22/2005)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Kastrinakis Nikos , "Nicaea (Byzantium), Cult of St. Tryphon",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Νίκαια, Λατρεία Αγίου Τρύφωνος (11/10/2006 v.1) Nicaea (Byzantium), Cult of St. Tryphon (2/15/2007 v.1) 

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List of churches dedicated to St Tryphon in Constantinople

According to Janin, R., La géographie ecclésiastique de l’Empire Byzantin. Première Partie: Le siège de Constantinople et le Patriarcat Oecuménique. Tome III: Les églises et les monastères2 (Paris 1969), pp. 488-490.

1) St Tryphon ta Vasiliskou: Built in the years of Justinian or, according to others, Justin II; it was a great, fabulous and richly endowed church; also a very wealthy one. The quarter ‘ta Vasiliskou’ was to the northeast of Julian’s harbour (or ‘Sophia’s’, named after the wife of Justin II).

2) St Tryphon ta Euboulou: Built in the years of Justinian or, according to others, by Isidoros, the brother of a certain Euboulos, who refitted his house as a church of the saint in the first half of the 6th century. The area ‘ta Euboulou’ was to the northeast of Hagia Sophia. Probably the church is identified with the one the Synaxarion locates near St Eirene, which was in the same area.

3) St Tryphon endon tou Ioannou en to Diippio: It seems that this was the church reported by the Synaxarion as the official sanctuary of the saint. The Church of St John probably was built by Herakleios and, as a result, the chapel of St Tryphon was built later. St John was to the right of the entrance to the Hippodrome.

4) St Tryphon near St Eirene: This church is reported by the saint’s Synaxarion. The Church of St Eirene was to the north of Hagia Sophia.

5) St Tryphon en to Kastoreo: The Life of St Michael the Synkellos mentions a metochion belonging to the monastery of Chora named after St Tryphon, which was outside Constantinople, in the unidentified area ‘Kastoreon’.

6) St Tryphon tou Pelargou: According to Prokopios, the church was built by Justinian. The church, also known as ‘Pelargos’, was near the area ‘Strategion’.

7) St Tryphon plision ton Chamoundou: According to a tradition earlier than the 10th century, the procession of the Sunday before Easter (Palm Sunday) was gathered there and started from this point before it was directed to the Church of St Romanos ‘en tis Elebichou’, where the religious service was held. The area ‘ta Chamoundou’, not reported in other sources, was in the central or the western part of Constantinople.


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