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Nicaea (Byzantium), Cult of St. Tryphon

Author(s) : Kastrinakis Nikos (6/22/2005)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Kastrinakis Nikos , "Nicaea (Byzantium), Cult of St. Tryphon",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Νίκαια, Λατρεία Αγίου Τρύφωνος (11/10/2006 v.1) Nicaea (Byzantium), Cult of St. Tryphon (2/15/2007 v.1) 



Byzantine Coins. Theodore II AE 25mm Trachy. 1254-1258. St. Tryphon

(Last visit: 22/7/2009)
Coin of Theodore II Laskaris (Trachy) depicting St Tryphon, whom the emperor of Nikaea considered his patron.

O Άγιος Τρύφων

(Last visit: 21/6/2007)
The Life of St Tryphon and the recessional of his feast (in Greek)

St Tryphon, Memory celebrated 1 February

(Last visit: 21/6/2007)
Synaxarion of St Tryphon, site of the Greek Orthodox Archbishopric of Australia.

Ο 'Αγιος Τρύφωνας, ο προστάτης του Αμπελουργού

(Last visit: 21/6/2007)
Webpage dedicated to St Tryphon (in Greek)

На Трифон Зарезан празнуват лозарите, градинарите, кръчмарите и соколарите

(Last visit: 21/6/2007)
St Tryphon as the patron saint of vineculture and of gardeners, as well as of falconers and taverners (in Bulgarian).


(Last visit: 21/6/2007)
Website of Wikipedia dedicated to the widely spread cult and to a feast of St Tryphon somewhere in Bulgaria. Various folk traditions and customs are mentioned (in Bulgarian).


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