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Rhetorical school of Antioch

Rhetorical school of Antioch - to be assigned Σχολή Ρητορικής Αντιοχείας - to be assigned


School at the church of St. Tryphon of Nicaea

School at the church of St. Tryphon of Nicaea (20/2/2006 v.1) Σχολή Ανώτατων Σπουδών στην Εκκλησία του Αγίου Τρύφωνος Νικαίας (14/10/2005 v.1)

The school at the Church of St. Tryphon of Nicaea was founded in 1255 by Emperor Theodore II Laskaris on the occasion of the church’s inauguration ceremony. It was the only school in the Empire of Nicaea exclusively maintained by state subsidies. It had two departments (grammar and rhetoric) and approximately six students. Operation was suspended shortly after the death of Theodore II (1258).



School in Trebizond

School in Trebizond  (20/2/2006 v.1) Σχολή Ανώτατων Σπουδών Τραπεζούντος (14/10/2005 v.1)

School of higher education in sciences (astronomy, mathematics, geography). With a tradition going back to the 7th century, the school acquired particular fame in the 13th and 14th centuries, when it became a place where various scientific traditions converged and developed. The most prominent scholars of that period were attracted to it, with emphasis on the developments in astronomy.



School of Edessa

School of Edessa - to be assigned Σχολή Έδεσσας - to be assigned


School of George Babouskomites in Nicaea

School of George Babouskomites in Nicaea (20/2/2006 v.1) Σχολή Ανώτατων Σπουδών Γεωργίου Βαβουσκωμίτη στη Νίκαια (14/10/2005 v.1)

An imperial school for higher studies under George Babouskomites operated in the state of Nicaea towards the mid-13th century. The exact location of the school remains unknown, probably outside Nicaea. It had a secular and an ecclesiastical department and trained its students for careers as officials of the Church or the administration.



School of Nikephoros Blemmydes in Nicaea

School of Nikephoros Blemmydes in Nicaea (21/2/2006 v.1) Σχολή ανωτέρων σπουδών Νικηφόρου Βλεμμύδη στη Νίκαια (14/10/2005 v.1)

A higher learning school founded in c. 1248 by the scholar Nikephoros Blemmydes in the area of Ematha, close to Ephesus. The school, which operated until 1272, was intended for hermit monks.



Theological School of Antioch

Theological School of Antioch - to be assigned Σχολή Θεολογίας Αντιοχείας - to be assigned