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Necropolises / Burial Monuments





Adrassos (Byzantium), Necropolis

Adrassos (Byzantium), Necropolis - to be assigned Αδρασσός (Βυζάντιο), Νεκρόπολις - to be assigned


Amaseia (Byzantium), Aynalı Mağara

Amaseia (Byzantium), Aynalı Mağara  - to be assigned Αμάσεια (Βυζάντιο), Ταφικό Μνημείο Αϊναλί Μαγαρά - to be assigned


Anemourion (Byzantium), Necropolis

Anemourion (Byzantium), Necropolis - to be assigned Ανεμούριον (Βυζάντιο), Νεκρόπολις - to be assigned


Ephesos (Byzantium), The so-called Tomb of St. Luke

Ephesos (Byzantium), The so-called Tomb of St. Luke (13/11/2009 v.1) Έφεσος (Βυζάντιο), Ο λεγόμενος Τάφος του Ευαγγελιστή Λουκά (22/6/2010 v.1)

On the saddle between the two hills of the city, Bülbüldağ (anc. Preon) in the south and Panayırdağ (anc. Pion) in the north, about 150 m southeast of the Upper Agora, lie the ruins of a two-storey monument, consisting of a pedestal and an upper level. The stucture dates probably to the 2nd century A.D. and it is considered to have been a Roman fountain. Around 5th century it was remodelled as a Christian church. The name «Tomb of St. Luke», under which the monument is known, was ascribed to it...



Göreme (Korama), Cemetery

Göreme (Korama), Cemetery - to be assigned Κόραμα, Νεκροταφείο - to be assigned


Göreme (Korama), Tomb at cone 2

Göreme (Korama), Tomb at cone 2 - to be assigned Κόραμα, Tάφος Κώνου 2 - to be assigned


Necropolises in Asia Minor (Byzantium)

Necropolises in Asia Minor (Byzantium) - to be assigned Νεκροπόλεις στη Βυζαντινή Μ. Ασία - to be assigned