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Aspendus (Antiquity), Aqueduct

Aspendus (Antiquity), Aqueduct - to be assigned Άσπενδος (Αρχαιότητα), Υδραγωγείο - to be assigned


Elaeousa Sebaste, Aqueduct

Elaeousa Sebaste, Aqueduct - to be assigned Ελαιούσα Σεβαστή, Υδραγωγείο - to be assigned


Ephesus (Antiquity), Pollio Aqueduct

Ephesus (Antiquity), Pollio Aqueduct  (2/9/2010 v.1) Έφεσος (Αρχαιότητα), Υδραγωγείο του Πολλίωνος  (22/6/2010 v.1)

Outside the city of Ephesus, on the road that lead to Tralles and Magnesia on the Meander, the ruins of an impressive aqueduct have been discovered; it was funded by Caius Sextilius Pollio and has been dated to the Augustan era.



Magnesia ad Sipylum (Antiquity), Aqueduct

Magnesia ad Sipylum (Antiquity), Aqueduct - to be assigned Μαγνησία επί Σιπύλω (Αρχαιότητα), Υδραγωγείο - to be assigned


Miletus (Antiquity), Numphaeum Aqueduct

Miletus (Antiquity), Numphaeum Aqueduct - to be assigned Μίλητος (Αρχαιότητα), Υδραγωγείο Νυμφαίου - to be assigned


Pergamon (Antiquity), Aqueducts

Pergamon (Antiquity), Aqueducts - to be assigned Πέργαμον (Αρχαιότητα), Υδραγωγεία - to be assigned


Perge, Aqueduct

Perge, Aqueduct - to be assigned Πέργη (Αρχαιότητα), Υδραγωγείο - to be assigned


Phaselis, aqueduct

Phaselis, aqueduct  - to be assigned Φάσηλις, Υδραγωγείο - to be assigned


Roman Aqueducts at Asia Minor

Roman Aqueducts at Asia Minor - to be assigned Ρωμαϊκά Υδραγωγεία στη Μ. Ασία - to be assigned


Sagalassos (Antiquity), Aqueducts

Sagalassos (Antiquity), Aqueducts - to be assigned Σαγαλασσός (Αρχαιότητα), Υδραγωγεία - to be assigned