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Acamas and Demophon

Acamas and Demophon - to be assigned Ακάμας και Δημοφών - to be assigned



Ada (19/1/2006 v.1) Άδα (14/10/2005 v.1)

Ada was the daughter of Hecatomnus and the sister and wife of Idrieus. In 344/343 BC she succeeded her husband in the satrapy of Caria. A few years later, in 341/340 BC, she was overthrown by her brother, Pixodarus, and was exiled to Alinda. When Alexander the Great invaded Caria in 334 BC, Ada surrendered Alinda and adopted him, while Alexander restored her to the satrapy of Caria.




Adanus - to be assigned Άδανος - to be assigned


Adeimantus of Lampsacus

Adeimantus of Lampsacus - to be assigned Αδείμαντος - to be assigned


Aedesius of Cappadocia

Aedesius of Cappadocia (12/6/2007 v.1) Αιδέσιος της Καππαδοκίας (12/4/2007 v.1)

The Neoplatonist philosopher Aedesius was born in Cappadocia. Early on he showed a tendency for philosophy and, contrary to his family’s wishes, studied by the Syrian Neoplatonist philosopher Iamblichus, whom he succeeded in the leadership of his school. He later founded his own school in Pergamon and died in 353 or 355, without leaving any written works behind and after he had designated his beloved student Chrysanthios as his successor.



Aelius Aristides

Aelius Aristides - to be assigned Αίλιος Αριστείδης - to be assigned


Aelius Dionysius of Halicarnassus

Aelius Dionysius of Halicarnassus - to be assigned Αίλιος Διονύσιος της Αλικαρνασσού - to be assigned



Aeneas (24/8/2010 v.1) Αινείας (24/8/2010 v.1)

Aeneas, a mythical hero and son of Anchises and Aphrodite, was the bravest hero of the Trojans besides Hector. Information about his origin and his action can be found in Homer as well as later poets, such as Virgil, and folklorists. Although he participated in the Trojan war, the narrations of his voyages to Greece, Italy and Sicily are more common. His name has been associated with the establishment of several cities, such as Lavinium and Rome.



Aeschrion of Pergamum

Aeschrion of Pergamum - to be assigned Αισχρίων ο Περγαμηνός - to be assigned



Aeschylus - to be assigned Αισχύλος - to be assigned