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Meletios III of Constantinople

Author(s) : Stamatopoulos Dimitrios (7/15/2002)
Translation : Koutras Nikolaos

For citation: Stamatopoulos Dimitrios, "Meletios III of Constantinople",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Μελέτιος Γ΄ Κωνσταντινουπόλεως (4/15/2008 v.1) Meletios III of Constantinople (10/21/2009 v.1) 

1. Origin, life, deeds

The ecumenical patriarch Meletios Pangalos was born on the Cycladic island of Kea in 1772. He served as protosynkellos of the patriarch during the term of Agathangelos and in this capacity he was chosen, in May 1828, as a member of a delegation sent by the ecumenical patriarchate to Greece. In August of that year, he was elected metropolitan of Amaseia, following the resignation of the metropolitan Neophytos. In November 1830, he was transferred to the diocese of Thessalonica, after metropolitan Makarios' resignation. In May 1841, after the election of Anthimos, the then metropolitan of Cyzicus, to the throne of the ecumenical patriarchate, Meletios was transferred to that diocese.

2. Meletios’ activity during his patriarchate

He remained in the diocese of Cyzicus until April 18, 1845 when following the forced resignation of Germanos IV he ascended to the patriarchal throne. Meletios' term lasted only 7 months and 21 days: He passed away on November 28, 1845 and was buried at the church of Zoodochos Pigi.

During his short term office, he reviewed the tome published by his predecessor Germanos IV on the election of titular bishops. Meletios, also took steps to change the head-cover worn by the priests of the Gregorian Armenians. In addition, during his days, the bishopric of Lambi was merged with the diocese of Crete (July 1845). In May 1845, he issued a patriarchal sigillion with which he forbade the use of the facilities of the Theological School of Chalki as a residence by prelates or even former patriarchs. In the same month, Sultan Abdülmecid I approved the regular provision of quantities of meat to the Hospital of the Greek Orthodox Community.


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