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Alexios Strategopoulos

Author(s) : Vougiouklaki Penelope (11/27/2003)
Translation : Andriopoulou Vera

For citation: Vougiouklaki Penelope, "Alexios Strategopoulos",
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Αλέξιος Στρατηγόπουλος (5/5/2008 v.1) Alexios Strategopoulos (2/4/2009 v.1) 

Chronological Table


Late 12th or early 13th century: Birth of Alexios Strategopoulos

1252-1253: Alexios Strategopoulos takes part in the expedition of the Emperor of Nicaea John III Vatatzes against Epiros

1255: Unsuccessful campaign against Tzepaina in Rhodope. Alexios Strategopoulos falls out of favour with the new emperor Theodore II Laskaris. His son Constantine is accused of treason and blinded

1258: Alexios Strategopoulos is imprisoned by Theodore II. He is set free after Theodore’s death (16 August 1258). A few days later he participates in the revolt of the army and the aristocracy against the guardians of the underage heir, supporting Michael Palaiologos

1258-1259: Participates in the expedition of the sebastokrator John Palaiologos against Michael II Doukas of Epiros. He is promoted to the rank of megas domestikos. Excels in the battle of Pelagonia (July 1259)

1259-1260: Strategopoulos and John Raoul pursue Michael II, besiege Ioannina and occupy Arta. For his contribution to this success, Alexios Strategopoulos is named caesar

1260: Alexios Strategopoulos is defeated by the army of Epiros near Naupaktos and is captured. He is set free shortly afterwards, after a peace treaty is signed, and returns to Asia Minor in 1261 at the latest

25 July 1261: Taking advantage of the absence of the Latin guard of the city, Alexios Strategopoulos recaptures Constantinople

1262: Strategopoulos leads a new campaign against the despot Epiros. He is defeated and captured for a second time. He is sent as a hostage to Manfred of Sicily

1265: The king of Sicily manages to exchange Alexios Strategopoulos with Anna – Constance von Hohenstaufen, who had been held in Asia Minor

December 1270: Last mention of Alexios Strategopoulos, in a document with which he issues a donation to the monastery of Theotokos Makrinitissa

Between 1271 and 1275: Death of Alexios Strategopoulos, probably in Constantinople

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