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Aphrodisias (Antiquity), Roman Sculpture

Author(s) : Papazafiriou Yorgos (2/18/2002)
Translation : Panourgia Klio

For citation: Papazafiriou Yorgos , "Aphrodisias (Antiquity), Roman Sculpture",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Αφροδισιάς (Αρχαιότητα), Ρωμαϊκή Πλαστική (3/27/2008 v.1) Aphrodisias (Antiquity), Roman Sculpture (10/16/2008 v.1) 



contabulatio, the
the folding of the toga in front of the chest.

freedman, the
a slave that was set free.

frieze (1. architecture), (2. painting)
1. The part of the entablature resting on the architrave and below the cornice. In the Doric order the frieze is decorated with two alternative motives, namely the triglyph and metope, while in the Ionic order the frieze is a decoratively carved band.2. Decorative horizontal band that sweeps parts of a vessel or the highest part of the walls in a room.

himation, the
Rectangular woolen (mainly) cloth that was worn over the chiton (cloak). It could be wrapped around the shoulders and the body in different ways and was fastened with a belt or with brooches.

idealized form, the
The depiction of an emperor or a citizen bearing the characteristics of a god.

mappa, the
kind of mantle that the emperor holds folded. He is usually depicted holding the mappa in hippodrome scenes.

pediment, the
The triangular structure, over a building façade, between the horizontal entablature and the sloping roof, often decorated with sculptures, reliefs or painted figures.

rasp, the
wide tool bearing a surface. It was used to polish marble.

sebasteion, the
A temple or another type of building dedicated to the cult of the roman emperors and their families.

sinus, the
An overfold which extended down from the diagonal roll of the cloth of the toga. It ran from beneath the right arm to the left shoulder

toga, the
Type of roman clothing. Gown without seams. It is wrapped around the body and is reminiscent of the greek himation.

togatus type, the
Statue of a man that wears toga and tunica.

tunic, the
The Roman chiton


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