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Metropolis of Gangra

Author(s) : IBR , Giftopoulou Sofia (28/11/2003)
Translation : Nakas Ioannis

For citation: IBR , Giftopoulou Sofia, "Metropolis of Gangra",
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Γάγγρας Μητρόπολις (19/7/2008 v.1) Metropolis of Gangra (6/12/2009 v.1) 


Geographical Terms


Gangra was originally a bishopric see subjugated to the metropolis of Ankyra, and later a metropolitan see of the province of Paphlagonia, until early 20th century. It was under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. During the Byzantine period it was in charge of initially five, then four and finally three bishoprics. During the 7th century it ranked 15th among the metropolises of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In the 13th century it was demoted to the 18th position. In the 14th century it briefly assumed the administration of the sees of Ankyra (twice), Sebasteia, Pompeiopolis and Gerane.

Administrative Dependence

Province of Ankara, Patriarchate of Constantinople

Historical Region


Geographical Location

Northern central Asia Minor, today northern central Turkey

Other Names

Metropolis of Gaggra


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