Bishopric of Cyme

1. Bishopric of Cyme

Cyme, a city on the west coast of Asia Minor, to the northeast of Phokaia, was a bishopric see of the province of Asia subjected to the metropolis of Ephesus. In the notitia episcopatuum of the Middle and Late Byzantine period, Cyme was ranked between the 33rd and the 36th place among the bishoprics of Ephesus (a total of 34 or 39 bishoprics). The bishopric was known from at least the early 5th century, since bishops of Cyme attended the Third (431), the Fourth (451), the Fifth (553) and the Seventh (787) Ecumenical Councils. The last seals with names of bishops of Cyme attested date to the 10th and the 11th century.