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Veinoglou Georgios

Author(s) : Karachristos Ioannis (6/20/2002)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios

For citation: Karachristos Ioannis, "Veinoglou Georgios",
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Βεϊνόγλου Γεώργιος (10/15/2007 v.1) Veinoglou Georgios (9/11/2009 v.1) 

1. Birth – Family

Georgios Veinoglou was the second child, the eldest being Aikaterini, of Konstantinos Veinoglou and Thiresia Peroglou, and grandson of Manolakis Benli Oğlu, the alleged founder of the Christian community of Kuşadası. After his father died, in 1835, he became the guardian of his family. Besides, this had been the wish of his father, who, through his will, had placed his underage children under the custody of his wife and his eldest son, Georgios, who also inherited a small shop.

2. Commerce and family business

After a relevant proposal, he cooperated with Zorzi Mavrogordatos, a relation by marriage, and was involved in cloth commerce. It was then that he transferred his business to Kelembesi, where he settled with his family. Zorzi Mavrogordatos provided him with clothes and Veinoglou sold them. This activity finally earned him an important fortune, which, according to some estimates, exceeded 40,000 golden liras.1 After his brother, Avgoustis, grew up, Georgios employed him as his assistant. The business was soon divided and Georgios went to Sokya, while Avgoustis remained for some time in Kelembesi, before he settled in Sokya as well. The next brother, Philippos, followed the same steps and joined the family business, originally in Kelembesi and then in Sokya. Their fourth brother, Emmanouil, returned from Syros, where he had settled, and went to Domatia, where he also became a merchant.

3. Return to Kuşadası and activity in community affairs

In that period, the Veinoglou family returned to Kuşadası and changed their name from Beinoglou to Veinoglou, which sounded more Greek. In 1856, Georgios Veinoglou got married to Eleni Georgiadi, daughter of Nikolaos, a merchant from Kuşadası, and had four daughters: Kalliroi, Iasemo, Evrydiki and Eirini – another case of local and occupational endogamy.

In Kuşadası, he was involved in communal matters and became a member of the dimogerontia , the board of the hospital and the board of schools. During his tenure in the board, it was decided on April 5, 1852, that the hospital should be restored. It is also worth mentioning that both of his brothers, Avgoustis and Emmanouil, held communal posts. He died in Kuşadası in 1868.

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