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Matzouka, Church of St. Theodoros Gabras, Historical Survey

Author(s) : Barbaritsa Eleni (21/3/2005)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios (18/7/2005)

For citation: Barbaritsa Eleni, "Matzouka, Church of St. Theodoros Gabras, Historical Survey", 2005,
Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World, Asia Minor
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Ματζούκα, Ναός Αγίου Θεοδώρου Γαβρά, Ιστορικό (15/9/2006 v.1) Matzouka, Church of St. Theodoros Gabras, Historical Survey (15/3/2007 v.1) 




Constantine Gabras, strategos of the Theme of Chaldia from 1118 until 1143, built a church in Trebizond in honour of his uncle Theodore Gabras, martyred by the Seljuks in 1098. The building is reported to have been a monastery, according to a chrysobull (imperial decree) sent by Alexios III Grand Komnenos to the Venetians in 1364. The only part of the original 12th century church preserved until the early 20th century was the northern part, the gynaikonites (the part of the church for the women to stand), incorporated in the double-apse church built by the Grand Komnenoi.

Geographical Location

Trebizond - Upper MatzoukaMatzouka - Pontos


First stage: 1118-1140 Second stage: the last years of the Empire of Trebizond (15th century)


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