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Author(s) : Karachristos Ioannis (3/22/2005)
Translation : Velentzas Georgios (6/15/2005)

For citation: Karachristos Ioannis, "Zincidere", 2005,
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Ζιντζίντερε (1/23/2006 v.1) Zincidere (1/23/2006 v.1) 



Small administrative unit in the late Ottoman Empire, subdistrict of a kaymakamlık, under the jurisdiction of a müdür.

Elected communal official, head of a quarter or a village community.

A medium-sized Ottoman administrative unit that replaced the sancak during the Late Ottoman Period, after the administrative reforms of 1864.

patriarchal monastery (stauropegion)
A monastery under the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate, autonomous from the administration of the local bishop. The term stauropegion applied also to villages, meaning that in tax matters (mostly in regard to ecclesiastical taxes) they were under the control of the Patriarchate and not of the local diocese.

vilayet (valilik)
The larger administrative unit in the Ottoman provincial administration system. The large provinces of the Ottoman Empire were previously called eyalet. The new regulation of 1864 introduced the vilayet as an equivalent of the French départment - albeit of smaller size. The governor of the vilayet was called vali and had extensive authority.


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